President's Page

President's Message Update as of January 1st 2022:

Happy New Year to all ATU 256 Members!! We hope you are all doing well and stayng safe during this difficult time.

It has been an extremely had 2 years since COVID-19 hit. We have had brothers and sisters that have died of COVID and it is still raging across the United States. Since the lockdown you Local ATU 256 has fought fpr the district to provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE's) to ensure safety for all members. This includes masks, sanitation wipes, gloves and the drivers area barriers to protect you. We will continue to make sure that all properties follow and adhere to the CDC rules and guidelines for COVID.

Eveyone is well aware of the massive surges in the Transportation industry across the United States. The ATU and all properties have been hit hard. We are working with management to tryand find solutions to the driver shortages. Thank you to all who have sacrificed their time to do day off work and trippers to cover those that are out with illnesses or in quarintine status.

As many of you are wondering, we will begin STRICT Union Meetings beginning this year. Look for new postings located on the Union Bulletin Board for current information as to when those meetings will begin and where they will take place. Seating WILL BE LIMITED TO 30 SEATS and you must notify the Union that you will be attending to reserve your spot. It will be absolutely REQUIRED to WEAR A MASK due to COVID. We are also in the process of coordiating with the outer properties to begin conducting ZOOM meetings.

Please rest assured that your President and the Executive Board will continue to work for your safety and your families safety. This 2022 year will be very busy. I will advise your shop stewards and represenatives when contracts will be opening up. Our leadership is working towards enhancing your contract with management to bring more employees in and KEEP them through improving wages and benefits. Also, SacRT will be getting money hat will affect wages and benefits and your President will be following the money and how it is being disbursed from the Federl and he State. ATU 256 will be addresing this issue with management and we will keep you updated through Union Meetings. We will also keep you informed about PEPRA and how that affects future negotiations with your retirement.

Stay Safe and have a Happy New Year!!

Ralph T. Niz
President and Bussines Agent
ATU Local 256