President's Page

President Update on Zoom meetings as of March 11th 2021:

Flyers to ALL properties were sent out. Members are advised to send their current e-mail addresses to [email protected]. Once the Union has received your current updated information, you will be added to the Zoom meetings list and you will be eligible to receive a Zoom meeting requests to join the Zoom Union Meetings. 

Recently, our Local 256 has reached over 1000 members. Keep in mind that the Local 256 manages 14 properties, including those within SacRT. Please keep in mind that in order to reach everyone, this will take time to work the bugs out. This means the ATU 256 will begin the process of Zoom meetings with the smaller properties and work our way up.  In the meantime, please make sure we have your current e-mail on file so you can be included. We anticipate being able to have Zoom Meetings soon but please be patient as we are working out the security features and accesssibility.


As your President, you are advised that it is your own personal choice whether you want the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Face Masks and Social Distancing is still MANDATORY!! Passengers must wear their face masks and seating spacing is still MANDATORY!! Until the Govenor lifts the emergency status, ALL precautions are still in place. 

Keep yourself and your families safe.

Ralph T. Niz
President and Bussines Agent
ATU Local 256