Local Division 256 Sacramento

Trans Dev/ Yolobus

Brothers and Sisters,

                                Notice to ATU 256 Transdev Members

Currrently, there is a movement for YOLO members to leave ATU. If this happens, you will be UNPROTECTED for a period of at least one year - as no other union will be able to protect or represent you during that time. Your contract will be void; and Transdev will be able to LOWER YOUR WAGES to $13.00 an hour. Things like your regulated working hours - as well as benefits (paid vacations, sick and bereavement leave, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k), & life insurance) are also subject to elimination witout a contract. Additionally, Union Protection when it comes to disipline is what keeps TransDev from terminating members without cause.

In Solidarity,

Ralph Niz 

President/Business Agent, ATU Local 256

The Executive Board

ATU 256

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