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Happy New Year to all Atu256 members, wishing you and your families a safe and healthy New Year. We must always take a moment to pay tribute to our fallen Atu members and Americans who have fallen to Covid-19, and we must thank God we are COVID-19 free and are working, and have a home to go to.


This year we are working on perfecting Zoom so we can start having Union meetings, hopefully by March, I must ensure that all security features are in place, waiting rooms are active, so that company people, and anti-union people cannot attend.


Congress passed a new stimulus package, and in this transportation companies will be receiving monies. As you know as your President, I follow all monies coming into the districts, once the monies are distributed by SACOG in Northern California.


75% of these monies can only be used for wages and benefits, these monies cannot be used for anything else, unless the district had layoffs. In the new stimulus package, the 80 hours (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) for COVID-19 as of December 31st,2020 no longer exist. These protections are gone, so if you must self-quarantine you will use your sick leave in order to receive pay, if you caught Covid-19 while at work you can file a work comp claim. These laws are changing daily it is my job to stay informed of all the changes, in order to ensure all Atu256 members are protected.


Stay safe and if you have problems you can call your President or any Executive Board member.


RT- Continues issues ie; pension plan, sick leave accrual cash out, safety issues, payroll issues on and on, remember management will no matter what  the circumstances, will attempt to change and interpret the CBA to justify their own means. As long as I am your President that will not happen.

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Suzanne C. Vejar

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