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Suzanne C. Vejar

Office#   916-947-0955

Mobile# 916-947-0955

Email - suzanne.c.vejar@wellsfargo.com

Website - www.wfhm.com/loans/suzanne-vejar

NMLS ID # - 448689


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Brothers and Sisters,

                                Notice to ATU 256 Transdev Members

Currrently, there is a movement for YOLO members to leave ATU. If this happens, you will be UNPROTECTED for a period of at least one year - as no other union will be able to protect or represent you during that time. Your contract will be void; and Transdev will be able to LOWER YOUR WAGES to $13.00 an hour. Things like your regulated working hours - as well as benefits (paid vacations, sick and bereavement leave, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k), & life insurance) are also subject to elimination witout a contract. Additionally, Union Protection when it comes to disipline is what keeps TransDev from terminating members without cause.

In Solidarity,

Ralph Niz 

President/Business Agent, ATU Local 256

The Executive Board

ATU 256

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Brothers and Sisters,

  There has  withbeen a total of 6 people within all divisions that have been exposed to COVID-19. We have been very lucky here at the ATU 256. Oher cities and counties are experiancing high number. AC Transit has 20-30 people who tested positive and 7 deaths.Since the Union and SacRT has been pro-active by wearing masks, shields, gloves, and washing hands frequently, we have been fortunate. Remember, we are in a Recession. There is no sales tax money in the CA Budget. We are waiting to see how much we will receive when the Budget is passed. When we receive information, we will pass it on to you. Ridership is down. The Union has been pro-avtive with ensuring NO LAY OFF and NO FURLOUGHS!!! Other agencies however have not been so lucky. We do not feel that the economy will have a turn around until next year. Until then we will be working hard to keep service at nearly %100. DO NOT LISTEN TO RUMORS!!!! If you have any questions or concerns, please call your Union President or Vice President. Be Safe and Be Well!!


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